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The Abrazar JARC program was developed to improve mobility management transportation services for employment and employment related activities for welfare recipients and low-income individuals. Abrazar’s JARC program is focusing on individuals in need of mobility management services for work, job interview, job readiness preparation, job search, SparkPoint activities, job skills improvement (education, vocational studies) and our partner activities that support job access or related activities. Mobility management services includes training team members about our programs and the enrollment process. It also includes training for our transportation team and partners that will improve services for our clients (customer service, safety, driving, database management for transportation, etc.)

Participant Criteria:

The program is for low-income residents in Orange County.

Service Criteria:

Complete a simple application and waiver form and return it via mail or fax to obtain your Identification Number.


Call (714) 702-1587 to schedule an appointment. Transportation Scheduling Hours are from 08:00 am to 4:00 pm

Rides must be scheduled a minimum of 5 days in advance. Calling 5 days in advance does not guarantee an appointment. Call to schedule your trip as soon as possible. Abrazar is required to prioritize trips when we are at capacity.   Due to cancellations, some same day appointments may be available but are not guaranteed.

Mileage Limit:

15 miles within OC & 10 miles outside of OC. All trips exceeding 15 miles in length are subject to program funding and availability

Trip Limit:

Clients are limited to 16 one-way trips per month. Exceptions to the 16-ride limit are made on a case-by-case basis. The service is intended to be for a limited period not to exceed 6 months unless approval is received.

Trip Fee:

$2.00 per one-way trip suggested donation. Waiver available and ability to pay does not affect eligibility.

Transportation is not available on major holidays