Early Intervention Services for Older Adults

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The Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA) is a coalition of community-based service providers with a vision of improving the quality of life for underserved multicultural communities.

MECCA’s Early Intervention Services for Older Adults Program targets adults 60 years of age and older who are experiencing the early onset of mental health conditions or those who are at an increased risk of developing mental health conditions. e program reaches out to unserved or underserved older adults who are isolated due to social, cultural and linguistic barriers. e program works to increase the use of mental health services, decrease the stigma of receiving such services and reach underserved individuals with appropriate services in order for them to embrace their mental wellness.

Program Services are provided at no cost and include:

  • Comprehensive in-home assessment
  • Case management
  • Socialization, support and educational groups such as ESL and Therapeutic Arts
  • Referral to resources and services such as counseling, therapy and food distribution services

Please contact MECCA at www.ocmecca.org or at (714) 202-4750 in order to find out more about this program and available resources.

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Funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Intervention, Mental Health Services Act/Prop. 63

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