Human Resources

Staff and volunteers receive a thorough orientation which includes the following agenda:

  1. ABRAZAR's History and Mission—Understanding the history and mission of the organization is essential to staff and volunteers, particularly as the mission of the organization provides the basis for the agency's programs.
  2. Volunteering History and Opportunities—This orientation clearly links the organization's mission with the history of involving volunteers. Participants need to be able to understand how volunteer assignments help to accomplish the ABRAZAR’s mission. The overview of opportunities covers the variety of volunteer assignments within the organization. If possible, paid staff and/or other volunteers should describe these opportunities and the categories of tasks or other commitments, such as time or length of assignment, relevant to the responsibility.
  3. Performance Expectations—This segment of the orientation is crucial to articulating expectations of performance and behavior and includes a discussion about how staff and volunteers will be evaluated.  Performance expectations address issues related to public relations and staff and volunteer service. Volunteers and staff  are made aware of the implications that staff performance - paid and unpaid - has on the level of clients, stakeholders and members of the public have in ABRAZAR.  This includes an explanation of what thestaff and volunteer's role is in maintaining the public's trust, and how the way in which clients, stakeholders and the public are treated reflects on the organization.
  4. Prohibited Behaviors—This part of the orientation describes the organization's policies on drugs/alcohol, sexual harassment and any others that define prohibited behaviors and their consequences. Emphasis is placed on prohibited behaviors and the consequences that apply to all staff regardless of their pay status.
  5. Staff and Volunteer Expectations—This segment describes what staff and volunteers can expect from the organization. Volunteers and staff need to know that the organization has a grievance process and that issues related to assignments or working conditions should be brought to the attention of the human resources  coordinator who is willing to work with staff/volunteers to resolve problems.
  6. Confidentiality Agreement—All staff and volunteers who have access to personal information have a responsibility by which they are bound to the client, ABRAZAR and the community and themselves. The agency’s clients act in good faith, expecting that their circumstances and personal matters will remain confidential. Thus, staff and volunteers are obliged by both law and ethics to honor this trust.

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