UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic


Two to three times per year, the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic is available at ABRAZAR for free eye exams for individuals with no insurance. Children must be 8 years old or older. The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic provides high-quality eye care to underserved populations—particularly children and the elderly—who lack access to health care as a result of finances, transportation problems or cultural and language barriers.

The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic and its staff of ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents, technicians and volunteers make weekly visits to Southern California community locations including public and private schools, free clinics, social services agencies working with abused and foster children, low-income families and the homeless.

Ophthalmologists perform basic eye examinations to determine the need for prescriptive lenses and to rule out the need for further treatment of any eye condition or disease. In a typical year, 4,000 children and 1,000 adults are examined free of charge. An additional 1,500 people receive vision and glaucoma screenings at health fairs and 400 underserved children are given free prescription eyeglasses.

Established in 1975 by an anonymous donor, the clinic remains a privately funded outreach program of the Jules Stein Eye Institute. In addition to individual donors, support for this unique enterprise comes from The Karl Kirchgessner Foundation, Barbara Mott McCarthy, The Burton C. Bettingen Corporation, the Annenberg Foundation and the Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation. One of the first programs of its kind and the longest continuously operating eye clinic on wheels, the UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic is a tribute to the power of private philanthropy and a steadfast mission.

Source: http://www.jsei.org/About/about_comm_eyeclinic.htm