Workshop Topics

Sparkpoint OC Abrazar Westminster


Financial Literacy Workshops

Bank on it & Check it Out
Introduces basics of banking—from the different
types of financial instuons to the services they
might offer. We will be discussing what a checking
account is and what the benefits are of having one.
You will learn how to compare checking accounts,
open a checking account, use the money in a
checking account, write a check, and keep records
for a checking account.

Money Matters
One of the steps to financial security is planning
and following through on a personal budget.
Budgeng is about choices—choosing how to
make money and choosing how to spend money.
This course will help you with budgeng basics.

To Your Credit & Charge it Right
Knowing what a credit report and credit score is, is
essenal to having good credit. People generally
don’t know how to build credit or what credit is
causing them to misuse credit cards and ruin their
credit standing. This course will cover how to
order a credit report, how to read a credit report,
how to repair credit, how to recognize credit repair
scams, and how credit cards work.

Borrowing Basics & Pay Yourself First
Sooner or later almost everyone needs to borrow
money. If used wisely, credit can benefit you and
your family. But first, there are some things you
should know about the value of credit and its
costs. Saving money is an important part of building
your financial future. This course will show
you how your money can grow when you save as
well as how saving can avoid borrowing at a cost.

Keep it Safe
A+endees will learn the laws that protect your
rights as a banking consumer, ways to avoid
scams, ways to protect your identy, and how to
resolve complaints regarding your bank accounts.

Loan to Own & Your Own Home
Understanding installment loans is important
when using loans to make purchases. A+endees
will be provided with general informaon on installment
loans, including car loans. Beginning
with an installment car loan will eventually lead to
an installment loan for a home. This course will
cover the benefits and pi-alls of renng versus
owning, how to determine your readiness to buy a
home, and different mortgage programs.

Financial Recovery
Whether you are experiencing financial difficules
for the first me or you have experienced ongoing
financial problems, this course will provide you
with the steps you can take to develop a financial
recovery plan and rebuild your credit.

 Childcare will be provided for children over 2 years old.
If you have any quesons, feel free to contact Jessica Lewis at 714-893-3581 ext. 125.





unitedwaySparkPoint OC is part of Orange County United Way's Banking On The Future Initiative.


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