Dental Clinic

houseABRAZAR's Community Dental Clinic has been part of the strategic plan and was included in the construction plans when we built our facility twenty-seven years ago.  After the facility was built we raised the necessary funds to purchase the dental equipment and supplies, office furniture and pay a full-time dentist and a dental assistant.  We opened the dental clinic in May 2000.  Dr. David Guilliaum was the first director/dentist.  Dr. Guilliaum retired eight years later and Dr. Than Hoang joined our team and has been providing excellent dental care for nearly 4 years.

The dental clinic is equipped with a two-chair operatory and a dental lab. Our dental staff provides full-mouth restoration services with the exception of orthodontics. The dental staff speaks English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean and is able to communicate with seniors very effectively.

Dental services are offered to families with no access to affordable, high quality dental services. Patients must be 5 years and older.


 Please call this numbers for more information, and to book appointments: (714) 702-1584

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